Esports Tryouts September 21

Esports Tryouts September 21

ANNANDALE -- NOVA is implementing a varsity level, collegiate esports program and is looking for athletes. If you have the competitive fire and the skills; tryout for the varsity team Sept. 21 inside the Esports Arena on the Annandale campus (CT 4th Floor). The team will have access to a brand new high-end esports arena on the Annandale campus where the team will practice and compete. The team will have its games live streamed, they will have custom Nighthawks Esports merchandise, and they will have the opportunity to be scouted and picked up by other colleges even potentially receiving scholarships.

The games we will be offering at this stage in the program are Overwatch [PC] and League of Legends [PC]. If you have what it takes to make Nighthawks history sign up to try out. Other games may be offered in the future, but for now, these are the only ones, no exceptions.

The time slots for tryouts will be 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 6:00 pm. We will try to help work around everyone's schedule the best way we can, but it is recommended you clear your schedule for at least one of these times. Additionally, if you signed up through some other means (email, interest meeting, etc.) there is no need to sign up again.

The peripherals of the arena and rules regarding them are as follows. The computer mice are Razer Deathadders, and the keyboards are Corsair k70s. These will be available for athletes to use during tryouts, or athletes may bring their own. Athletes will be able to, at max, use their own mouse, keyboard, and mousepads. Anything else (monitors, headsets, etc.) will be not allowed. Athletes are urged to bring their own mousepads. This is due to some complications shipping the mousepads for the arena, and a later than expected arrival date.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Chris Gaul (Esports Director) at