What are Intramural Sports??

Intramural Sports are organized in a way for people of the same community to be involved in athletic competition with and against each other, and is separate from the intercollegiate athletic teams that exist at NOVA.

Here at NOVA, intramural sports are open to all students, faculty, and staff. The way it works is for people, a group of friends, student organizations, a faculty/staff department, to come together and form teams that will play each other in a variety of organized sports or activities. Activities in the past have included soccer, bowling, flag football, and basketball but there is room for many more to participate in. These activities are then setup in the form of a short season or a tournament style format where one team will come out as the Intramural Champion for that sport.

Why Intramural Sports??

Intramural Sports is open to all people of the NOVA community because it is important to give, not just our intercollegiate student athletes but everyone, the opportunity to participate in competitive extracurricular activity. Participation in intramural sports has the potential to positively affect a person physically, socially, and mentally.

Getting out and participating in any type of activity is good for your body. Playing intramural sports requires you to get up and move, which is something everyone can benefit from. Including yourself in intramural sports also gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Whether on your same team or the opposing team, there is a pretty good chance you are all out there for the same reasons and that you share a few things in common. Partaking in intramural sports can help to bring those commonalities to light. So who knows, you may make some new friends. Finally, getting out and doing something familiar or maybe something new can be a big stress reliever in those times when maybe your academics are suffocating you and you need a mental break. What could be better than being outdoors playing some flag football or soccer, or getting together with familiar faces and having fun playing a game you love?

So what are you waiting for? Go online and find out the next intramural sport that is on the schedule and get some friends or co-workers together and form a team. New to the NOVA community, no problem join as a “free agent” and get assigned to a team, and give yourself the chance to meet a whole new bunch of people and make new friends. See you there!!!!!