Sports Medicine Overview

The NOVA Sports Medicine team works together to provide the best medical care for our student athletes.  We strive to keep NOVA student-athletes healthy before, during and after competition.  We use a hands on approach and look to enhance their performance and long-term well being. 

We are proud to have Select Physical Therapy (Select PT) as the provider of our athletic training services.  Select PT is a part of Select Medical Outpatient division with over 950 locations in 32 states.  Select PT and Nova Care Rehab provide sports rehab and athletic training for numerous organizations across the nation.

NOVA student-athletes can utilize 25 locations in the Northern Virginia Region.

Our sports medicine team at NOVA is comprised of Thomas Brezinski, ATC, VATL, Andy Prishack PT, ATC, VATL and Dr. Keith Lawhorn.

Thomas Brezinski, ATC, VATL is the head athletic trainer for all NOVA sports and is in his first year working with NOVA student-athletesl.  He can be found at all in-season practices and at all home events.

Andy Prishack PT, ATC, VATL is the Director of athletic training services for Select Physical Therapy out of the Fair Oaks office.  He works closely with Caitlin in order to provide the best care for the athletes.  He helps to coordinate appointments for athletes.

Dr. Keith Lawhorn is joining the sports medicine team this year.  He is with OrthoVirginia.  Dr. Lawhorn will oversee the care of all the athletes and be in attendance at some games.

NOTE: We highly encourage all of our student-athletes to maintain health insurance coverage while participating in intercollegiate athletics.

Visiting Teams

Our athletic trainer can be found on site an hour prior to events.  We ask that you bring your own supplies. Pleae contact Thomas Brezinski in advance for any special needs.

Visiting team information

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury care and rehabilitation is under the direction of the NOVA sports medicine staff. All injuries must be reported to the ATC within 24 hours of the injury occurrence.  Injury management and any further evaluation is at the discretion of the ATC.  All decisions are made in the athletes best interest.

Athletes play a vital role in their rehabilitation and are expected to adhere to all care and rehabilitation provided by the ATC or any other medical staff. An athlete shall not return to play or activity without approval from the ATC even if the injury is feeling better.

Any appointments made with a physician or Select Physical Therapy must be adhered to and the ATC shall accompany the athlete when possible. Appointments shall be made by Thomas Brezinski.

Concussion Policy

All athletes will complete a baseline test with ImPact prior to competiting.  After sustaining a concussion, careful evaluation and management will be enforced.  ImPact will be used when available to help gauge when an athlete is able to return to play but will not be the sole deciding factor.  Return to play guidelines will be utilized as set forth in the Zurich 13 guidelines.

If the ATC or a medical advisor is not present, a coach should air on the side of caution and seek evaluation from the proper person ASAP. 

Heat Related Information/Severe Weather

The ATC will use the Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) to determine whether the temperature and heat index is safe for outdoor activities.

WBGT Information

Severe Weather Information

Emergency Information

Incase of an emergency situation at an event or practice hosted by the NOVA athletic department we have attached four HTMLs.

Contests at Word of Grace

Soccer Practice

Annandale Gym